Under local anesthesia, a mini-liposuction is performed on the abdominal area by a board certified cosmetic surgeon. Several ounces of the patient’s fat are removed, and these stem cells are harvested under sterile conditions.

Harvesting takes 45 minutes.


A sterile “closed system” technology is used to isolate the stem cells by separating them from the fat cells. Spinning of the test tubes causes the fat to concentrate at the top of millions of stem cells.

Preparation takes 30 minutes.


Blood is drawn and then spun to separate, causing blood platelets containing growth factors to concentrate. The platelets and stem cells are then infused together.

Infusion process takes 15 minutes.


The patient’s infused stem cells may be injected into veins or arteries, depending on the treatment required. For cosmetic procedures, injections can enhance or shape specific areas; Osteoarthritis procedures may require injections directly into affected areas. Some procedures may also require the patient to receive an intravenous drip.

Injections take 1-3 hours.